The Waves Swim & Sports Academy squad structure is designed to be progressive for swimmers to develop through various different pathways in line with our Long Term Athlete Development Plan. Squad Criteria is in place to ensure that squad selections are not only fair on other swimmers but correct for individual swimmers physiological development. Various different locations are available for convenience across the younger squads, however convenience should not compromise a swimmer reaching their long term potential and achieving their dream.


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We must note that these will evolve and that there is a broad variation in our swimmers in terms of: age, physical strengths, motivation, inherent skill and future potential. These factors will go some way to determine which squad is best of a swimmer. Consequently, we will also consider the following:

• Competition Performance
• Training Performance
• Biological V Chronological Age
• Emotional Age
• Attitude
• Aptitude & Potential
• Optimum Age Limits
• Attendance (Trainings & Competitions)

Each Squad should be seen as a Spring Board (rather than a ceiling) for each swimmer to develop, grow and improve upon. Use the training and experience of the coaches to your maximum, there is no limit to what you can achieve within each squad with the right attitude.

The Criteria set out above are only to be considered for a particular squad, not a given right, and the Head Coaches has the final say on which swimmers make up which squad and when swimmers progress. The Head Coach has the right to review and amend the above and below as deemed necessary in order to ensure the best interests of the club and swimmers are being met. Squad Structure and Placement Considerations
The Waves squad structure is designed with the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) in mind. The model has been developed by Swim Australia. We use LTAD as a guideline for the content, quantity and quality of training necessary to maintain the progress of athletes at every stage of their participation in their sport. These guidelines recognize that in a normal club like Waves Swim & Sports Academy there will be a fairly broad variation in age, physical strengths and weaknesses, motivation, inherent skill and future potential that will go a long way to determine the position an individual will occupy within our squads. Consequently, when we consider which squad you fit in to we have taken in to account the following:

1) Competition Performance
Racing performance is the normal benchmark applied by swimmers and parents when making judgments with respect to their place in the squads, this is understandable. At face value this seems the best method but is not necessarily the most important, particularly at the early stages of development. For instance, some very naturally gifted swimmers are able to swim very fast in competition, but do not cope with the physical demands of the daily training regime.
We do recognize the motivational value in setting out some objective training and competitive performance standards for the swimmers to achieve. Therefore, we have created a series of requirements for each of the squads which, if completed, will qualify you for consideration for promotion to the next squad. In the majority of cases promotion or membership will almost certainly be achieved, but it does not give you automatic qualification.

2) Training Performance
Training performance is paramount when considering swimmers for promotion. The coaches have to be satisfied that the swimmers have the necessary skills, physical strength, application and resolve to benefit from joining the next stage of the scheme and to be able to cope with the increase in demand. Promoting a swimmer when they are not ready or equipped for the demand can have a negative effect on performance, motivation and can lead to injury.

3) Biological Age vs Chronological Age
We have all observed instances where a swimmer is ahead of others in biological age, allowing their racing performance and their ability to cope with the training demands in advance of their peers. These swimmers’ long term development may not be best served by promoting them as their social and emotional development will be quite normal for their age and from this perspective it is important that they are able to continue to engage and mix with swimmers of their own peer group and take part at a level they are comfortable with.
There may also be instances when we promote younger swimmers ahead of older swimmers if we believe it would be in their interest and they show particular ability and potential. This is not a reflection on the older swimmers, but a recognition that all swimmers develop at different rates.

4) Emotional Age
Whilst some swimmers may well be physically capable of taking part in a very challenging training regime, these same swimmers may not have the required level of self-discipline, application and resolve to cope with the training. We have to be certain that swimmers have the correct level of maturity in this respect for them to benefit from being promoted.

5) Attitude
A good attitude is a characteristic common to all accomplished sportsmen and sportswomen. It tends to embrace concepts such as a positive outlook, an eager and energetic approach to training, a sound work ethic, good timekeeping, fair play, team work and a willingness to cooperate and engage with their team mates and the coaching staff. Having a good attitude will become an increasingly important consideration factor for promotion as they progress through the squads.

6) Aptitude and Potential
Between the coaching staff, Waves Swim & Sports Academy share a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sport of swimming cultivated over many years of coaching at every level of the sport. This gives them a unique appreciation of the potential of swimmers that is based the above variables and most importantly personal observations and instincts. From time to time therefore, some swimmers may be fast tracked in spite of the normal promotions protocol. This may seem unfair but is in the best interest of the individual.

7) Optimum Age Limits
Waves Swim & Sports Academy is structured in such a way that each level of the LTAD is catered for and the membership of the squads reflects this in terms of the variables explained previously.
The squad structure is also designed to be progressive where the standards, level of commitment and the demands of the training program increases at every stage. Consequently, there may come a point when some of you reach the upper age limit of the squad but fall short of the qualifying standards or decide not to accept the offer of promotion, and depending on the pressure the scheme experiences in finding places for new swimmers, you may be required to relinquish your place in order to make way for others. This principle will apply at every level and is necessary for us to manage the program effectively and to continue to promote success.

8) Attendance (Trainings & Competitions)
There is no doubt that the most influential variable on performance is attendance at sessions. It has been accepted for a long time that there is a high correlation between good swimming performance and a consistently high level of attendance at all prescribed training sessions.

The LTAD model provides guidelines in terms of the required frequency each week and duration of workouts recommended to fulfil the potential of the athlete at every stage of their development. We have tried to ensure that these guidelines are followed by the squad structure at Waves Swim & Sports Academy. At the same time as this, we have tried to make the sessions available as flexible as possible for each squad. Whilst we recognize that it is inevitable that swimmers may on occasion miss workouts for one reason or another, our position is that everyone in every squad must be aiming for 100% attendance of the sessions prescribed. We will prescribe training attendance on an individual basis, however should the attendance fall below that which is considered acceptable on a regular basis, the swimmers will find themselves challenged and at the same time encouraged to improve in order to retain their place in the squad.


  • Semester 1 | 23 weeks
  • ° Start Date: September 4th, 2020

    ° End Date: February 27th, 2021
  • Semester 2 | 16 weeks
  • ° Start Date: March 5th, 2021

    ° End Date: June 25th, 2021
  • Years Old: 8+ Years
  • Class Size: 8-16
  • Class Duration: 45min - 90min

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